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Kerry Wyer is a Speech Pathologist and registered teacher with over 25 years of experience. Kerry specialises in school readiness screening and helping children with learning difficulties. Kerry works in Ashgrove and within several of the schools in the Brisbane area. If you would like to know more, call Kerry or leave an SMS message on 0416 242 835.

Kerry also has a number of video resources available on YouTube.


If you have questions call Kerry or leave an SMS message on 0416 242 835.




Learning to Read and Spell with Sound Learning Sound Cards

Kerry Wyer also has patented a phonics resource for helping children read and spell. The remainder of this web page is dedicated to Sound Learning Sound Cards.


For ages three years and up, Sound Learning™ Sound Cards are a multisensory approach to learning sounds, building excellent auditory processing and phonological awareness skills. These skills act as a foundation for literacy acquisition and language development. Students who lack auditory skills are forced to rely on visual memory skills to read. They have to memorise words or guess unknown words.

Interhemispheric activities stimulate the left and right half of the brain simultaneously, opening neural pathways, creating optimal conditions for learning.

Learn to read with the sounds a-b-k not the names A-B-C.

Each phonic card has the following information:

The phoneme
A picture associated with the phoneme.
A gesture associated with the phoneme.
A symbol linking the phoneme with its manner of articulation category.
A colour photograph of a mouth showing how to make the sound.
A symbol linking each quiet sound with its corresponding noisy sound.
Instructions relating to the production of the sound.

See the sound.
Hear the sound.
Feel the sound in your mouth.
Move with the sound.

For an easy start to learning the sounds, and maximal auditory discrimination, phonics are categorised by manner of articulation.

Each category card has the following information:

The manner of articulation category title.
The manner of articulation category symbol.
A list of phonemes associated with that manner of articulation category.
A gesture associated with each phoneme.
An English spelling correspondence.

Friction Sounds (Fricatives). ‘f’, ‘v’, ‘s’, ‘z’, ‘sh’, ‘th’.
Gliding Sounds (Glides). ‘w’, ‘y’, ‘h’.
Lifter Sounds (Liquids). ‘l, ‘r’.
Nose Sounds (Nasals). ‘m, ‘n’, ‘ng’.
Short Vowels (Vowels). ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘u’.
Stop and Friction Sounds (Affricatives). ‘ch’, ‘j’.
Stop Sounds (Stops). ‘p’, ‘b’, ‘t’, ‘d’, ‘k’, ‘g’.

Each quiet and noisy pair is colour coded:

‘p’ and ‘b’
‘t’ and ‘d’
‘k’ and ‘g’
‘f’ and ‘v’
‘s’ and ‘z’
‘ch’ and ‘j’

Sound Learning™ Sound Cards are credit card sized, plastic coated and have rounded corners for your child's safety. Many children will carry these cards around until all of the sounds have been learnt.

All letters are written in lowercase foundation script.

Sound Learning™ Sound Cards have a picture relating to the gesture associated with the phoneme on the front of the card and the corresponding mouth position on the back. The front of each card is deliberately simple and uncluttered (picture, letter and a very faint watermark). The picture and letter or letters of the phoneme do not cross over, interfere with or confuse each other. Each picture is a photograph of a real subject. The pictures (front and back) are not cartoons or caricatures.


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Sadly not all children can learn how to read and spell. If you are concerned about your child's progress consult your paediatrician who will refer you to the appropriate professional for assistance.

Australian Patent Number 2006100262 and ISBN Number 978-0-9803633-0-2


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Select 5 of the non vowel categories from your deck of Sound Learning™ Sound Cards, choose one card from each selected category, place these 5 cards on the table in front of your child, say the sound or press the corresponding button below (hiding this screen from your child) and have your child select the corresponding card. Repeat this activity with new cards a few times each day until your child is familiar with all of the non vowel sounds.

On some computers it may be necessary to click on the button twice to produce the first sound.

After your child has mastered exercise one always include the short vowel category as one of your five selected categories.

After your child has mastered exercise two work exclusively on the short vowel category.

Use three cards to create a consonant vowel consonant word, for example "b-u-s" or "d-o-g" or "m-o-th" and have your child blend the sounds into a word or say the word. Your child is using their newly acquired word attack skills as a foundation for reading.


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